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Ticket is not complete until PNR or and Ticket Number is received. Itinerary is not valid document of travel. A Ticket is not transferable. We will provide carriage only to the Passenger named in the Ticket, and you may be required to produce appropriate identification.


Displayed fares and taxes are subject to change without prior notice, which will be reflected in the system.

Travel Documents

It`s all your responsibilities to insure all the necessary documents concerning visas, passports and other travel documents are valid. Any ADMs under collection of fares and taxes, no show charges, any other penalties involvement deportation charges levied by the concerned Airlines will have to clear by the respective Franchise partner.

Airport Tax

Some airports will levy an airport departure tax, which is payable by passengers at the airport locally. Information on these charges is not given through our quoted fares.

Support Operational Hours

Our Support staffs are available for daily (Sunday to Friday) - 9:30 am to 7:00 pm and Saturday - 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. Please ensure your booking confirmed before operational hour on same day for next day booking.


The Website shall not be held responsible for the failure to access caused by system maintenance, system upgrade or network congestion. You are responsible for the account or ID given to you, MyTrip2Nepal will not take any responsibility of misuse of the account. Sanskriti Infoedge Pvt. Ltd. is entitled proceed for Legal in case of Default payment.

Confidentiality & Indemnity

Without the express written consent, you should not disclose any information about mytrip2nepal to any third party & MYTRIP2NEPAL will not be liable for and shall be indemnified for any loss/damage suffered/incurred because of negligence and reckless conduct on their part.

No Show Policy (Spicejet, Indigo, Go Air)

For all tickets of Spicejet, Indigo, Go-Air, the Airport Check–in closes 1 hour prior to the departure of the flight. Failure to complete the check in formalities within the stipulated time limit would result in forfeiture of the ticket amount. The ticket would be declared a No Show and the Guest would not be entitled to a refund or a credit shell. However, only Government taxes (PSF and UDF) may be refunded upon request by the passenger by writing to SpiceJet/ Indigo/ Go Air directly. Please check with the airlines directly in such cases, as this is the airline policy.

Refund Policy *

1. MyTrip2Nepal will refund your refund amount of GDS Airlines within 15 working days, as per IATA standards.
2. MyTrip2Nepal will refund your refund amount of Nepal Domestic Flights (Buddha/ Yeti/ Simrik) and Spicejet, Indigo, Go Air within 48 hours

* Ticket (Low Class Fare) of Buddha Air will refund only after flown of Upgraded Ticket.
Note: For refund, you must inform our support team through call and email to

GDS Ticket *

1. We request our travel patrons to provide us with the passport details of the passengers in every GDS ticket.
2. All travel agents need to charge NQ Tax for Indian Nationals, so as to avoid any hindrances in the airport.

* Conditions - If any such problem occurs, and if the airlines take any action regarding this, We are not liable for any loss. The concerned Travel Agent will be subjected to the penalty.

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