About Us

Influence Software Architects was founded by Ajay Kumar Jain in 1998. From a one man enterprise it has grown to a corporate Technology Company now known as Influence Technolabs (P) Ltd. The Journey was not smooth but was not too tough as well, as we got the support of our Clients.

We convinced the Travel Agencies and Travel Management Companies by our technology and they accepted our Product. It was not easy getting Easy Trip Planners (P) Ltd, Uniglobe Travel South Asia with its 30 IATA Franchisee, Jagsons Travels (P) LtdAirticketOnline.in (now well known as FlightSafar.com).

Our success Mantra is "Keep the ball rolling i.e., enhance and upgrade the Product as the need changes". Unlike others, we still have all the initially signed up Agencies still working with us and needless to say, they have grown Many Folds thru their Vision and our Support.

The Success Stories are many and these are not just because of numbers (150+ travel agents), but because of the Business Volume generated thru our Systems, which is growing every day. 

We have made the Agencies successful, who failed to see the sunlight using our competitor's system even after struggling for a long period. Paul Merchants Ltd is now very successful using our Technology.

We had many first to our credit and the Low Cost Engine brought us in Limelight as no one had dared to create a product like that 4 years back.

We are now expanding and investing heavily in the Technology and Infrastructure. We will soon be moving to a Corporate Paradise with a much bigger Office and better infrastructure.

Our Product comes integrated with virtually every Consolidator, GDS, Payment Option.

All our Clients are our Partners. Our Business Model is actually a Partnership Business Model where we take care of all the technological needs and enhancements for our Clients to generate more and more Business out of the Online Portal. The Product is continuously upgraded with more features, products.